Monday, August 30, 2004

And The Winner Of The Worst Olympic Games Closing Ceremony Speech Is...

Jacques Rogge.

Perhaps they should have dug up old Juan Antonio Samaranch to make the speech. What the hell was Rogge doing? It looked as though he was reading from a script or was he just making the whole thing up as he went along? For goodness sake, he had four years to write the bloody speech. And that was the best that he could come up with? What an utter disgrace.

It was almost as boring as listening to John Howard or Mark Latham prattle on about truth, honesty, interest rates, the Australian people, un-Australian behaviour, and why they should be elected for six weeks. Oh, that's right. We still have that to look forward to.

Perhaps there should be a special Australian Idol for Prime Minister. Get Little Johnny and Bruiser Latham to have a sing off. The most votes from the public gets the job of PM. At least there won't be as much silly voting as happens in Australian Idol. I heard one woman on the radio during last years final say that she had phoned about 20 times that day for Shannon Noll and when she got home she was going to vote another 20 times. I am sure that is more votes than Howard and Latham would get combined.

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