Sunday, August 29, 2004

Don’t Try To Pinch My Food

I mentioned previously that we had a mouse on the loose in the house. The little bugger had been eating my rice and a few other food items that were stored in the pantry. And he seemed to be making a nice bed for himself and the dish towels and place mats. So last weekend Yu-Jin and I went for a walk to Bunnings and purchased some mouse traps.

Now, my best man’s cousin had had problems with mice when he was in Japan. In actual fact it turned out to be a rat. So I visited his Weblog and looked at his methods of eradication. Also checked out a site for bait for the trap. Chocolate, peanuts, cheese, among others, were the recommended bait.

Having some Easter eggs left over from April I loaded up a trap in the study with some chocolate. I had seen him in the study one night before. After a couple of days I had caught nothing. And the little bugger was still sleeping in the pantry. So, the trap got set in the pantry with one peanut. It took a few minutes to set the trap as it was a bit trigger happy. A couple of days later, voila!

Once again, don’t try to pinch my food.

Speaking of Food

This must be the deal of the century. Especially for those of you who enjoy your coffee and cake. I spotted a restaurant in South Perth on the way to work one morning. It is called Reflections Restaurant. They have an offer for:

Coffee & Cake
All Day from 11:00am - $6.95

Wow. All you can drink/eat coffee and cake for only $6.95. I reckon that I could stay all day and polish off two cakes for that sort of money.

Finally, Some Support For Sally Robbins

Somebody read my blog and got a little bit pissed about my comments regarding Sally Robbins. It is much easier to make up funny comments than to speak from the heart. I’ll admit, this girl is pretty damn fit, in more ways than one.

If Sally Robbins had torn a muscle in her arm or cracked a rib with the oar then everyone would feel sorry for her. There are very few of us who can relate to how hard she pushes her body for her sport. Almost everyone felt sympathy for Jana Pittman. It wasn’t her fault that her knee required surgery. It was unavoidable. If somebody falls over at the velodrome people don’t start pointing the finger. Too bad, let’s think about the other athletes.

In the case of Sally Robbins, she’s an Aussie. Well, it wouldn’t surprise me if she changed nations after the way she has been treated. But if she hadn’t been an Aussie, nobody in this country would be bagging her. The incident would have been looked at with very little scrutiny. Oh, one of the Croatian rowers has collapsed. How sad.

Yeah, I do feel sorry for Sally Robbins. I hope that she can recover from this. It will be a huge test of her mental strength. I wish her all the best.

No Money For Library Books

Yu-Jin is reading the same books as I did when I was his age. At childcare they have Meg and Mog books which I can remember. And Miky borrowed a book from the city library about Hendrika the cow and her trip down the canal on a raft. I read that when I was a youngster. Obviously no-one has any money to spend for library books these days.

Appropriate Dress

We had pizza on Friday night. Whilst Yu-Jin and I were waiting in the shop some guy pulled up in his big 4WD and parked it across three parking bays. It makes my blood boil to see someone too lazy to park their vehicle properly. I felt like telling him off (I haven’t changed).

But the way he was dressed summed it up. Big fleecy top, fleecy pants and Ugg boots. The only way he could have spent less time getting dressed was if he didn’t bother to wear any clothes. And he bought four pizzas. Looked like the sort of bloke who could demolish them too.

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