Monday, August 09, 2004

The Sewing Room

It's damn near finished. On Saturday I spent the afternoon, with a trip to the playground in between, putting up three quarters of the ceiling. I had to mount some wooden battens on the metal bit behind the gutter (eaves by any chance?) and put up the plywood ceiling. Inside it I stuffed some insulation. Took plenty of time to do. I'm glad that I was talked out of doing it with gyprock as it would have been far too heavy.

Yesterday I had a friend, Bill, come around and we finished off the ceiling. Then we purchased materials for a bench with a fold-down flap and that went together rather well. I put up some lights and the associated ducting. Last, but not least, we installed some shelves. We worked from 9 in the morning and I was still cleaning up at 10:30 that night. It did include four trips to Bunnings and we went out for lunch also.

Doesn't sound like much but it is starting to come together nicely. The vinyl that we bought should have arrived this morning and that will be my job for tonight. But that's another story.

Another Story

The vinyl. We had seen some lino (linoleum) at WA Salvage for $6.75/m. Miky didn't like the colours and it was pretty thin stuff. Bunnings didn't have anything of great interest. Driving along Albany Highway we noticed a Solomons Carpets place. There were another two carpet/flooring places in the same building complex. We visited the first shop and his vinyls were $56-58/m. He gave us a price of just over the $1000 mark to cover the sewing room floor. The salesman didn't even know that there was a difference between lino and vinyl.

Thanks, but no thanks. I am a frugal bastard and I have a reputation to maintain.

Next shop. Prices started at $54, $72, $120, and we didn't bother looking any further as the prices went up from there.

Solomons was closed due to somebody being sick.

Drove to Belmont and had a look at WA Salvage there. They only had one style of lino! I remembered that when we had looked for some carpet before there was a place just across the road. We didn't see it but there was a floor coverings shop. Talk about pleasant, well mannered people. They couldn't stop saying "thank you" and "please" the whole time we were there. They had some remnants available and it was just one of those moments. Miky and I both like one particular remnant and our calculations indicated that it would fit with minimal wastage. Perfect!

Being four metres long we had to pay for delivery. Mind you, the vinyl cost only $130. None of this $1000 rubbish. The guy stuffed up on his calculations. These guys actually charged $60 per linear metre, at four metres wide, for a cut length. So the first salesman made the mistake of quoting us about $230 for the same material.

Couldn't believe that we found something we both liked at a discounted price. My next headache is installing it. But that will be another story.

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