Thursday, August 05, 2004

She’s Got A Ticket To Ride

That’s how the Beatles put it. Yes, Miky has passed her driving test. What’s it been now, three years? Anyway, on Tuesday night she finished the 25 hours of driving that she had to complete following her pass of the practical test. We both had to sign some documentation and get a witness. Basically the only person who could witness our signatures was a chemist and so we had to drive to the late night chemist down the road. It was a busy place and we had to wait about 20 minutes – well, we weren’t paying customers so I could understand it.

There was a picture of a human skeleton with the names of the bones. It caught Yu-Jin’s attention and he was very interested in knowing all about them. So much so that I downloaded a picture from the Internet and he wants to take it to kindy and childcare to show everyone. He can even pronounce the names of the bones.

Back to the main story. Yesterday Miky had to pass a hazards perception test – a computerised test about viewing of hazards while driving. She said this was very difficult and you get no indication of how well you are doing. Once this was passed the woman in charge of issuing the probationary licence was a bit suspicious that Miky had taken so long to get her licence.

And guess what. Miky didn’t want to drive by herself last night to go to TAFE!!

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