Sunday, August 15, 2004

Friday The 13th

I'm not really one for much superstitious behaviour. It is still interesting to see what eventuates on Friday the 13th though.

Didn't take too long for the day to go down the toilet. At 10:15 I received a call from Yu-Jin's childcare. He had been kicked in the eye by a girl and they were concerned about his eye. Not too concerned mind you to take him to the doctors' surgery by themselves.

So I stopped what I was doing and drove the 25 minutes back to childcare. Took him up to the doctors' surgery and waited 50 minutes to see a nurse. Less than two minutes later he was given the all clear, although he should expect to get a shiner. (note: late Sunday night and no sign of a black eye.)

Took him back to childcare in time for his lunch. He was fine.

Second problem on Black Friday. Just as I was leaving work I noticed that I had no brake lights. That meant that I had to use hand signals all the way home and I was taking the freeway as Miky rang me and asked if I could pick Yu-Jin up.

Not much else went wrong. One funny thing I noticed was one of Yu-Jin's friends from childcare wind his car window down as he was going home and yelled out, "Beongu, beongu" to Yu-Jin. This is a Korean word for "fart" and it is lovely to see Yu-Jin teaching others about his inherited culture.

Another funny thing about Yu-Jin's eye was the fact that he had been drawing pirates in the previous couple of days. I ended up making him an eye patch. And he went to sleep with it on.

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