Friday, August 27, 2004

More Olympics Goings On


Congrats to Fani No-oneseverheardovus, the Greek 400m hurdler, who beat Jana Pittman. And the three other women who did.

Cathy Freeman will be smiling. I’m sure she is. She and Jana never saw eye to eye.

Bugger it. Jana, bloody good onya. No need to make a big deal about it, your knee and all. As an Australian we would expect nothing less from you. Top effort though.


What is it with this sport? Two people dressed up in battle armour facing off. They bounce up and down and all around the mat. It is a funny sight with their arms by their sides and just bouncing around. I get the impression that they are thinking, “I’m gonna kick you! Don’t get any closer because I’ll deck you. Yeah, that’s it, you’re scared, aren’t you?”

They only look serious when they start laying into each other.

Water Polo

How come the water polo players are the only women with breasts at the Olympics?

Q. How Many Weetbix Did Sally Robbins Have?

A. Nowhere near enough.

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Anonymous said...

Why can't you people get off Sally Robin's case. It could happen to anyone! I wouldn't mind being that fit.
She is after all, only human. The pressure she was under is enormous, and theses athletes are pushed beyond normal expectations. How their bodies stand it is beyond me.