Saturday, August 21, 2004

Getting Back To Having A Life

As a family we went to the cinema to watch Spiderman 2 today. Only $6 a ticket in the city at Picadilly Cinemas. Yu-Jin enjoyed and Miky was a little more scared than he was. It was a long movie, about 2hrs and 10mins but there was some exciting action. The action was better than in the first movie. Yu-Jin managed to behave himself even when the movie started to drag on a bit.

Afterwards we went walking through the city and saw a street performer that we particularly like. He does lots of movement, like Marcel Marceau, and to some cool music. His moonwalking is brilliant and I love the way he does sprinting in slow motion. Yu-Jin loves him too.

Today something special happened. And it involved a special person. He grabbed a guy out of the audience and got him to join in with some moves. They linked arms and did a wave from side to side. Now this guy wasn't too keen on being in front of a few hundred people but another audience member was. He has Down's Syndrome, and wanted to join in. This guy did as he was instructed while helping out and did very well. No case of stage fright or self doubt. He won the crowd over. And the street performer didn't mock him or try to disaude him from becoming part of the act. It made for a great performance.

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