Monday, August 30, 2004

How To Make A Scotsman Happy

I was thinking about why Mary Donaldson's father, John Donaldson, was so happy that his daughter was marrying a prince.

Then it struck me. He wouldn't have to pay for the wedding. That would put a smile on any Scotsman's face.

Another Olympic Scandal

I just read today that countries competing in the taekwondo at the Olympics were only allowed a maximum of four competitors over the eight classes. The article said that this was designed to stop Korea from dominating. I thought the Olympics were supposed to be about the competitors and not countries?! What's next? The Americans can only send one athlete for the 100, 200 and 400 metres sprints for the men?

If they only sent one swimmer, in Michael Phelps, that we be enough by itself. Interestingly, in this article, he was compared with a Russian gymnast, Aleksandr Dityatin, for the possibility to tie a record of eight medals won at a single Olympics, which he did. The article fails to mention that the USA boycotted the Olympics in 1980. Phelps won eight medals against the whole world. He is an out and out champion.

Miky Is A Great Storyteller

I never had such an idea that Miky was a great storyteller. Yesterday we went to the park in South Perth overlooking the foreshore. We brought Yu-Jin's bike and went to a couple of the playgrounds. On the way back, when Yu-Jin got a bit tired, she started telling him the story of the Tiger and the Persimmon. I'll have to look it up sometime for you. Then she started Hansel and Gretel. The detail that she went into made me feel a bit slack. She remembered the story so well and considering that she would have heard/read it in Korean a lot longer ago than I did, she did a remarkable job. Yu-Jin was so intrigued she had to say it again.

Suffering from a sore throat Miky asked me to tell a story to Yu-Jin. He refused because he wanted mummy to tell him a story. As she told the story so nicely he failed to notice just how far he was riding and didn't get tired at all.

Bit Of Immobiliser Trouble

Miky's car has a half decent immobiliser fitted and we get an additional 10% reduction on the insurance premium because of the brand. Bonus. Especially for a frugal bastard. Anyway, she called me at work on Friday and said that she couldn't get the car started. Thoughts about the blonde Korean were starting to enter my head. When I got home I found that the led wasn't flashing meaning that it wasn't armed properly but it was armed, we just couldn't reset it.

I phoned the mechanic the next morning and he said that it had failed and would need to be replaced. However, he didn't do it and gave me the phone number of a guy who they called. I rang another couple of car parts shops and the second one was sold out of them. But they had a guy who fitted them. Unfortunately he had sold out and couldn't get any until Monday.

I pulled the black box apart and noticed four wires. With a bit of mucking around I discovered that if I pulled one of the wires off, reset the alarm, and then replaced the wire I could start the car fine. Not the sort of work-around that I could Miky to do. I rang another few companies and found an auto electrician, Lance Auto Electrics, and he asked me to bring the car down for a look. He didn't sell that model anymore but called one of his lads over to short the wires out so that we could use the car without the immobiliser. All for nothing. And he told me where I could get the immobiliser fixed. I guess that I'll be buying a box of chocolates to give to them for their service. And the plug for their Website.

I didn't think that an immobiliser would be so easy to bypass. No wonder cars still get stolen. A little knowledge can be dangerous.

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