Tuesday, August 10, 2004

There's A Good Reason I Never Became An Auto-Electrician

Coz I can't stand doing electrical work on my car. Take last night for instance. About 8 o'clock I decided that it was time to work on the car and fix those damn brake lights. This is of course after taking public transport home which required an extra 50 minutes of my time.

First job was to find a torch. I don't have a garage and I needed to work under the steering wheel at the brake pedal. There is a light in the carport but that was only going to create shadows. I have two torches and it seems that Yu-Jin has been playing with them and both batteries are dead. These are 9-volt non-rechargeables. So I got Miky to find Yu-Jin's torch, one that I bought from a Reader's Digest catalogue when I was a small boy. What happened? I couldn't find any charged AA batteries. So I put four of them on the charger.

Bit more hunting around revealed a desk lamp of the flouro variety. Grab the extension lead and away we go.

Talk about awkward working under the steering wheel. I hate it. The mechanic next door to my work had mentioned a switch on the brake pedal. I finally managed to pull it apart and noticed that one of the connections was a bit melted. Perhaps it wasn't making a connection anymore. One of the wires came out easily but I had to break the plug to get the melted one out. Popped both connectors back onto the switch and we were in business.

Why couldn't a cheap fuse have blown instead and made it so much easier to fix?

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