Monday, August 30, 2004

What's New For The 2008 Olympics?

I guess that we'll see some more "sports" introduced for the Beijing Olympics. Stand by for:

noodle making - got 10000 athletes to feed
dragon dancing - gotta be better than synchronised swimming
wall building - complements fencing, I guess, in a grander style

Friday Night Farce

I hope not to see any more Friday night football with Eddie Maguire. Just who are his cronies that he has in the commentary box. It has been shocking to hear Dermott Brereton, one of Hawthorn's favourite sons, and Gary Lyon, a courageous former captain of Melbourne, grovelling and kowtowing to Eddie about how good Collingwood are and how sad we must all feel about them not being in the finals, etc.

Friday night football has just become the "We Love Eddie and Collingwood Show". The commentary was so blatantly biased it was unacceptable. Or, to use that catchphrase of the moment, un-Australian. Made me sick just listening to them. Not sure who the winner of the "I Love Eddie Award" should be.

What The Mouse Was Thinking

He obviously didn't have much time to think. I can see, and maybe you can if you look closely, but he's just started to sink his teeth into the peanut. Probably was about to think how nice the peanut was going to taste and what a good meal it would make. Didn't get to finish the thought though. That'll teach him. He won't be making that mistake again.

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