Friday, August 27, 2004

Death Of A Friend

I wouldn't say he was a close friend but I liked the bloke. Simon Schreiber is no longer with us.

My mum sent some Border Chronicles over and I was reading a couple last night. There was an interesting story about Midge Jones from Keith who had opened his own business. It included a picture of Midge, his wife and two kids. I was thinking, "I played cricket and football against this bloke." It left a warm feeling inside.

In another paper was an obituary to Simon Schreiber. I was gobsmacked. This was a bloke my age, I had played cricket and footy against him, I had played district cricket and football with him, and I felt that he was a top bloke and a fair player. He was, in fact, an excellent sportsman. Simon was my age and has two little boys and I know the name of his wife. Nowhere in the obituary did it mention what killed him. Couldn't believe it.

Still can't get over it. He was a nice bloke.

Mum rang me tonight and said that a brain tumour had killed him. Gee, I know a few blokes who have died early and they were both great people. The world is better for knowing them but I am saddened by their absence.

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