Friday, August 31, 2007

More Cool Number Plates

I grabbed one of these number plates last weekend and was on the prowl today as I had my camera with me. A dangerous combination.

2HOT4WA - Too hot for Western Australia.

LIL AL - L'il Al (It's not Big Al).

SWEDE AS - Sweet As (Especially as a Swede).

V8NEVRL8 - V8 Never late.

Arrested driver in Perth tonight. Unfortunately I didn't get close enough to photograph his number plate. Judging by the way the police were searching his car in the middle of the street he must have done something pretty stupid.


Anonymous said...

That Dim whit!! Cool plates!! I got to see one that said 2SEXY being driven by a real old man ha ha ha Have a good weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I got to see another plate yesterday that said SMRT1 being driven by a bleach blonde dope who hit a pole ha ha ha Annette

Anonymous said...

How about one that would say DVLLANS ha ha get it DEVIL LANES, those dirty you know whats!! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!! We celebrate Labor day monday!! Annette