Friday, August 24, 2007

Things You Always Wanted To Know About Barrie But Were Too Afraid To Ask

FB - Which political party are you affiliated with?
Barrie - Whig.

FB – Who’s your favourite male singer?
Barrie - Elton John.

FB – Who’s your favourite female pop singer?
Barrie – Whigfield.

FB – When you played cowboys and Indians as a youngster which side did you choose?
Barrie – The Indians. Because they live in wigwams.

FB – Who is your favourite football team?
Barrie – Wigan Athletic.

FB – Who is the AFL footballer you admire the most?
Barrie – Simon Wiggins (Carlton).

FB - What is your hair colour?
Barrie - Sylv(i)a.


Susan Ham said...

Barrie. Who he?

Hammy said...

It's an in-joke. I'll tell you about it some time.

Anonymous said...

He's our local stripper who wears only a sock on his manly member in public. No it's really the Lanes or shall we call them pains ha ha ?? Barrie Gibb oh please say so!! I always have loved those Bee Gee's because, I am more than a women!!! See ya Annette