Sunday, August 05, 2007

What's Happening In The World?

Structurally deficient bridges collapsing, stock markets being quite volatile and work keeping me pretty honest. Life continues as normal. After working Saturday morning I took the young bloke to taekwondo. I had a proud parent moment when I saw him in class as he was right next to the black belts (there aren't any red belts in the class). Here was my little boy and he didn't look out of place at all. The kid next to him was a fifth geup,κΈ‰ (gup), much taller, and Yu-Jin has better poomsae skills. He's right where he deserves to be.

I went to cook tea last night and then discovered that we didn't have any vegetables. So, pizzas it was. I was partial to some garlic bread and then they offered me some brownies for $1.95 instead of the normal value of $4.75. Jumped at that chance. Miky was surprised but enjoyed what we had to eat.

Yu-Jin and I awoke early on Sunday and I did the fruit and veg shopping. Then together we shot off to Bunnings so that he could take part in a kids' workshop only to find that the time had been changed. Bought some equipment for the garden and lawn seed. Then Yu-Jin and I spent nearly two hours weeding the backyard in preparation for the sowing more lawn seed. We had lunch at the Dumpling King - full of Koreans with a few Chinese for good measure. Very busy, very loud but very nice food. We had Korean style sweet and sour pork, black bean noodles and yaki mandoo.

After lunch the boy and I continued weeding and digging up the backyard and sowing the lawn seeds. I'm a bit stuffed. Still have to wash the dishes, put the shopping away and clean the house. Currently I'm listening to a bit of footy on the radio - it wouldn't work properly on the computer.


Susan Ham said...

No rest for the /wicked,' eh?

Hammy said...

Even managed to get a haircut in there for myself and the boy.

Anonymous said...

Ya I am busy too but, never too busy for your cool sight!! I am looking into lawn seeds that can even grow on concrete!!! Please have a great week!! Have fun!! Annette The world is going to hell, why don't you take over?? You are obviously a good leader who takes care of business and your family!! Bravo!!! You could be our president of the US!! Bush sucks!! ha ha