Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Not Much Time For Anything On The Weekend

Busy as usual on the weekend. Work, taekwondo and soccer in the park. The boy and I went to Curtin Uni's Open Day on Sunday for a look after having a takeaway lunch from the Dumpling King. There are usually lots of things that interest the kids. I did want to catch up with a friend who has just had another kid but with the weather the way it was decided against that. I didn't wish to put them through that. We went to the physiotherapy department first and they showed Yu-Jin how to use a sling to train damaged leg muscles and then he had a go in a wheelchair. He thought it was great fun and commented, "I want to buy one of these." There was a balance test available and we competed against each other. Pretty well matched, we were. There was also a skeleton to dismantle and reassemble with the bonus of a lecturer to talk to. Managed to find out what happened to my back when playing football in England.

In the next room they had a spirograph for measuring your lung capacity. My lungs are four times the size of the boy's but that just goes to show that I'm a blowhard. Perhaps the most exciting experiment was attaching electrodes to our arm and watching our hands rise and fall without us doing anything. That was a bit freaky.

Just before the day finished we visited the psychology department and had a look at a Mueller-Lyer experiment. The link is a slightly different experiment to the one given to us but interesting all the same.

Back home and we had a game of Monopoly. Need to get a few more players as it's not as much fun with only two of us.

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