Saturday, August 11, 2007

Who Does Your Bus Driver Look Like?

I got on the bus last night and my bus driver looked like Ice-T

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No kidding. Pony tail and all. And he didn’t say hello. There’s another guy whose bus I used to catch who looks like Mark Woodford - the one on the right.

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He even dresses like him for Radio Lollipop day – they raise money for Princess Margaret Children’s Hospital. Surely they don’t make as much money these days as people don’t carry change due to almost everyone having a SmartRider. I've got a mate who looks like Mark Woodford, and he was a bus driver, but that's another story.

Two days ago I was the only person on the bus for about a third of my trip to work. So I got to have a bit of a chinwag with the driver. Most drivers, it turns out, work split shifts and this is something that he doesn’t enjoy. And he has to work most Friday and Saturday nights. The reason he doesn’t like those nights is because he has to deal with drunks and “shit people”, as he put it.


Susan Ham said...

I lurrrve Ice T. I think he is a really cool dude.

Anonymous said...

IF they are so good looking than why are they bus drivers?? ha ha ha They could be porn stars. Did I say that?? No you did'nt hear that from me ha ha. Shit people huh?? He must mean those Lanes as they are nasty as hell. I have never meant shittier drunk people ugh ugh ha ha Good luck to you and the bus drivers. I bet they hit the bottle themselves ugh. Have a great weekend!!! Annette

Anonymous said...

Oh and my bus driver looks like a monster from hell. Ours are scarey too!! See ya Annette