Saturday, August 25, 2007

Weird Stuff Going On In Perth

Not quite sure what is happening in Perth town but there is some weird stuff happening around the place.

Weird Time

Has the Bermuda Triangle paid us a visit and fiddled with the clocks?

Weird Temperature

Blame it on global warming. Everyone else does.

Weird Lemon

This lemon, rather a bitter and twisted little person-looking, is rather too difficult to explain. And I not surprised that nobody from work has taken it home. Would you eat it?


Anonymous said...

Weird stuff!!! It may be a mutant lemon and hell no I would not eat it unless I was starving to death. I would make it into lemoaide or eat it!!! Global warming is awful. It is 106 degrees f here!! UGh!! Stay Cool and have fun!!! Annette

Tanzeela said...

Is that Bush cringing in fear?

Anonymous said...

No it is a figment of your imagination ha ha ha It's a mutant Ninja Transformer turtle really though ha ha

tmz_99 said...

enough tequilla and that lemon is going down!