Friday, August 10, 2007

Proof That Anthony Mundine Has A Dirty Mouth

Anthony Mundine. Talented rugby player. Talented boxer. Big mouth. Told everyone that would listen how good he was. He said that Americans brought 9/11 upon themselves. If you had any doubt that he had a dirty mouth it has been well and truly removed. After a recent fight he had to wear a protective contact lens. Whilst at a restaurant he decided to clean it - with his mouth. Now he's fighting a battle to save the sight in his left eye due to an eye infection. And it looks like he may never box again.

I don't like the guy but it would be a shame for his boxing talent to be lost. It would be a shame that other guys wouldn't have the chance to beat the crap out of him. You're either in the love him or hate him camp. He's that sort of bloke. I see a political career beckoning.

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Anonymous said...

Could he be president of the US?? Bush had gay prostitutes, plenty of Cocaine, his wife killed her boyfriend by running him over when she was drunk plus did no jail time(in college) and was never charged. His daughters love to drink and abuse drugs, people claim he is dumber than crap and more.Could this guy be any worse? 911 is said to be a planned attack and that most killed were very bad. Ya he should be able to have his butt kicked for fun if he enjoys that sport ha ha We could dress the Lanes up as boxers and let them get thier butts kicked too ha ha HAve fun Annette