Monday, August 13, 2007

Whole Weekend To Ourselves

It was a bit of a strange weekend as I didn’t go to work and Miky had very little to do either. So I took the opportunity to spend a little time with the boy. I attended his music class on Saturday morning and then we went to the city to go to the Gallery of Western Australia and view the Egyptian antiquities from the Louvre: journey to the Afterlife. There were lots of amulets, limestone tablets, statues, a few sarcophagi, and papyrus from the Book of the Dead on display. Worth the look, and probably the expense, and it kept the boy interested. Unfortunately the only mummy on display was a cat. I can understand that the Louvre would have to keep its best exhibits in Paris but I think it cost me less to visit the Louvre in 1994 than to see a part of its Egyptian collection in Perth. Figure that one out.

After the Egyptian display we had a look at the paintings in the gallery. I was surprised that Yu-Jin was interested enough to see them and he told me how mum had taken to see the paintings. Then we had lunch at KFC before catching a bus to go to taekwondo training. Mum picked us up so that we could do the shopping. That night we watched the Bourne Identity together - very exciting stuff for the boy. It was nice to have a day off.

Sunday morning. Clean up the house, do the fruit and veg shopping, hang a mirror in the sun room, put up some hooks in the boy's room followed by watching the footy - Fremantle vs Essendon. Bummer, we went down by 63 points. I'm slightly glad that I was unable to get tickets for the match. After that we went to the Kim Chee House in Northbridge for tea. It was quite busy and although the food was nice it just wasn't up to the standard of Senoji in Vic Park. When we got home we sat in the car for a while and listened to the radio. There was some nice music on and it was a nice, relaxing way to finish the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Wow that must have been wonderful!! Good for you and you got a great deal done!!! What a wonderful model father you are!! The world needs more father's like you!! You sure could teach those Lanes a lot!! They treat thier kids like slaves!! Have a great week!! Annette

David said...

I recall going to the Kimchee House before going to Korea and thought it was magnificant. When I came back the second time to Australia, I went back and was rather disappointed with it. Is it our standards are too high after tasting the real deal?

I must try the place in Subiaco. The Arirang in Perth isn't too bad.

Hammy said...

David - bit of both. Although my missus enjoyed the Kim Chee House earlier when it was in Perth before moving to Northbridge. And her palate is far more sensitive than mine to Korean cuisine. Arirang is pricey but very tasty.