Thursday, August 23, 2007

South Australian Drivers Are The Rudest In The Country

I heard on the radio this morning a report that said South Australian drivers are the rudest in the country. This figure was generated by a survey by major car insurer AAMI regarding road rage. Apparently 67% of South Australian drivers have gestured or yelled at other drivers with 81% of those people feeling that their actions were justified.

Based on those figures I wouldn't say that South Australian drivers are the rudest. I would conclude that they are the most honest. It may also mean that South Australian drivers are the most incompetent thereby justifying the road rage figures.

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I've stated many times that I'm in favour of road rage. There are plenty of idiots on the road who don't deserve to be there and my frustration at their stupidity is justifiably vented. Not in favour of tail-gating though. That's just silly. These guys can't drive properly and you're willing to risk damaging your car but driving at speed right up their rear end? Utter stupidity. Nothing wrong with giving them the finger or some choice words.


Susan Ham said...

Do you advocate the testing annually of older drivers? The man about the house does not. He says that if they are bad drivers when they are older, they have always been bad drivers.

Anonymous said...

They always try to run into me because, they do not look. I almost got in 15 accidents last week because, they can't see or just don't give a damn!! I am good at giving the finger ha ha ha We have terrible drivers here too!! They need to get a clue or I am gonna sue ha ha Have a good day!! Annette California gets too congested!!!

Hammy said...

So the man about the house has something to say? Well, I never. Let's see. Testing older drivers? There may not be a need to test their driving so much as their eyesight. I'm all for people that lose their licences to go through the whole training process to get their licence renewed rather than it being automatically renewed after a certain time frame. After all, they have shown that they don't know how to drive.

"They need to get a clue or I am gonna sue" - I like that.

Anonymous said...

Your damn right you do ha ha Just kidding now have a good weekend and be sure to give the finger out if needed ha ha That'll tell em!! Annette

Tanzeela said...

Try driving in Singapore! You'd give these darn drivers ALL fingers and toes. Seriously. Din can't stop his utterances of oaths and curses and I can't stop praying for our dear lives. So much for advocating road safety measures in driving schools. Student drivers pay close to SGD$2000 for a liscence. But they don't learn a thing! Pathetic!