Monday, August 20, 2007

Waste Of A Good Weekend

The young fella was crook this weekend. Saturday was a beautiful day and I didn't go to work but we weren't able to kick the football together. I took him to his music class and then we did the fruit and veg shopping before returning home for lunch. I thought that it was an ideal opportunity for him to see what happens in a taekwondo class when he wasn't participating and I'm sure he picked up some tips. His instructor gave him a very surprised look when he spotted him. Saturday night we watched Dr Who together so it wasn't completely wasted.

Sunday morning and the boy was really wheezy. So wheezy that I thought it best to take him to hospital. Luckily it was only about 15 minutes from arriving before he was able to be examined. They put him on 12 puffs of ventolin every 20 mins, another bronchial spray and gave him a dose of corticosteroid. Yep, a bad case of asthma. Something that he hasn't suffered from for about four years. We thought he was over it. Seeing as he didn't have a miraculous recovery he was booked into an observation ward. Once his need for ventolin was stabilised at four hours he was able to go home. In the interim he played video games and watched cartoons. Kids have never had it so good in hospital.

Eight hours after arriving we were able to go home. What a waste of my weekend. Aagh. At least the boy is ok and I'm glad that we weren't wasting the time of the hospital staff. It's always a concern that you are using the resources wisely. And it's a pity that the steroids weren't the body-building type. A bit of extra growth wouldn't go astray.


Anonymous said...

Well I hope he is better those breathing devices work wonders, bottled water helps and allergy prevention. Dr. Who was always good but, don't forget Mission Impossible,The Twilight Zone(otherwise known as my hometown), Dragnet and who could forget the Munsters ha ha ha Have a great week and enjoy life. You're a wonderful DAD!! Annette

David Boddington said...

I am a toss, huh!

Hammy said...

Come again, Dave?