Monday, August 13, 2007

Not Only Tough To Find Tradesmen In Australia

With the mining and construction boom going on in Australia at the moment it is a little bit difficult to find a tradesman. They are busy and if you don't offer lots of money they will find someone else able to offer it. There's no shortage of work for qualified tradies currently.

I hear that America, or NASA, requires good tradesmen also. It seems that another foam tile came loose during takeoff and damaged the shuttle. Can't NASA even find a tiler who can do a decent job? Are they still using the same tiler who did the bodge job on Columbia? Perhaps they should just buy Selleys Liquid Nails. That would surely make them stick on.


Joe said...

It's actually less about the tiles staying on, and more about them becoming damaged by debris during takeoff. In this case, a piece of ice dislodged and created a sizeable gouge in one of the tiles. I think this calls out for qualified de-icers rather than tilers.

Anonymous said...

The weather was bad too. They will be opening a new Nasa center. If you want to help out why don't you see if you can. We need decent workers. Look at our bridge disasters and political problems. America needs HELP!! Have a good week!! Annette Maybe you can come visit my family sometime.

Hammy said...

And visiting your family Annette would do what exactly to save America?

Ice - it ruined Ben Cousins and the Titanic. Such an underrated weapon of mass destruction.