Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Of All The Things To Complain About

What bothers you the most about your work? Is it the low quality coffee provided, or the dreary trudge to and from the office daily or the fact that you don't have a window to look out occasionally? Something that drove me mad in my last job was a lack of training. There were some very worthwhile training courses on offer but the company suffered from a small-business mentality and didn't invest enough in its employees. It wasn't the reason I left but it was a contributing factor. I'm sure I could have been a much better salesman with the appropriate training. Most people are crying out for decent training in the workplace.

Now get this young bloke I sat next to on the bus last night. He'd make a phone call, or receive one, and then he'd be on the blower again to somebody else. It was difficult to hear him over the Dungeons & Dragons or World of Warcraft protagonists sitting at the back of the bus (I think even the bus driver would have received a learning experience on the powers of clerics and the like they were so loud) but he complained about being in a two week training course. I think he even had to do four weeks of training in a six week period and this bummed him so much that he would be looking for another job as soon as this fortnight's training was complete. Most people would give their eye teeth, whatever that is, for a comprehensive training course paid for by their employer. Hell, I went to uni for three years for training and paid for it myself!

But there is no point in showing a young man the error of his ways. He just needs to learn about life through hard lessons. Maybe I don't know enough about his profession and his training is quite onerous so the throwaway line shouldn't be read into too much.


Anonymous said...

What bothers me?? These crooked jerk L's, bad people, crooks, jerks and dumb people. You are very smart and would be a good teacher. Thanks for being a good role model for others. We need more like you. Annette

tmz_99 said...

Training courses are important.
Luckily if you are doing training in your field it is tax deductible anyway.

Anonymous said...

Another complaint is lazy bastards and huge disgusting messes ha ha Annette

Hammy said...

Uni courses generally aren't tax deductible - not when you are getting an edumecation.