Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Quiet Fathers Day

It was a quiet Fathers Day this year. Mainly because everybody else in the house forgot that it was Fathers Day. Even though the boy had made me a card at school two days before he thought that it was the following weekend. He did make me some Bart Simpson toast for brekkie and the missus made me a cup of tea. Not all bad.

Read the paper a bit, did the fruit and veg shopping, cleaned the house, played soccer with the boy for an hour in the park (he has some skill especially when it comes to slotting goals from an angle) and that was about it. Miky wanted to get some special meat from Seoul Mart in the city. It was frozen very thinly sliced beef which takes seconds to cook in a fry pan. Lovely stuff. A very enjoyable meal. Then the boy and I watched the last of the Osaka World Athletics Championships. The women's high jump was exciting and there was a high quality field. Pity that the long-standing world record didn't go as it was under serious threat.

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Anonymous said...

Happy father's day!! They better make it up to you!! Have a good week!! Annette