Sunday, September 30, 2007

Senseless Property Damage Ruins My Day

It was lovely to have the day to myself yesterday. I worked in the morning and then did the fruit and veg shopping before returning home to cook a BBQ lunch prior to settling in to watch the AFL grand final. Ok, so my team wasn't playing but that doesn't matter. I love football. Geelong ended up belting Port Adelaide by a record 119 points, and I had picked Port to win, and broke their 44 year premiership drought.

After the footy we all did some gardening. I thought I heard some noisy yahoos out the front and wondered if I should lock the front door. Walked around the front of the house and noticed the mailbox on a strange angle and two roadside trees had been damaged.

Mailbox damage.

Another angle of the mailbox damage.

Tree damage.

A second tree was damaged also.

I was pretty wild after that and called the local ranger. Not that they can do a lot about it. Miky went for a walk to see if anyone else was affected and it was just our property. It really makes me wonder if we are being targeted. If I get my hands on whoever did this I'll ring their bloody neck.


Anonymous said...

Those dirty bastards should pay for that. I had someone destroy a car, fence, carpeting and more. Those dirty loosers that did it need thier ASS kicked and jail time!!! Don't let it get you down. You need to report it and if you see them again you should film them and put them on Youtube plus, make them pay the big bucks!!! Sorry hope you feel better. Annette I am still pissed at what has happend to me. We cannot let it consume us or ruin us. Just relax and don't let them destroy you.

James said...

We had the right hand guard indicator stolen from our car on Friday while we were in doing some shopping, middle of the day. As you can imagine, I was not a happy chappy.

Hammy said...

I wouldn't want to be caught by you if I'd done it because I don't think that you would hold too much back. What a stupid thing to do.

tmz_99 said...

Time to put gelignite into the letterbox aye? :)
Looks like it was run over rather then hit with a bat or anything.. maybe with the new letterbox make the pole out of thick steel and cement it into the ground a good metre....

Hammy said...

TMZ - I was contemplating building something bombproof or putting metal spikes in the ground within 1-2 metres but there are certain provisions where I would be endangering the health of people so best to put those ideas on the back burner.