Thursday, September 13, 2007

Once Again The ALP Doesn't Tell The Whole Story

The Australian Labor Party are pretty good at not telling the whole truth, aren't they? Smarmy Kevin Rudd, leader of the ALP, is running a campaign to eventually lead to him becoming Australian prime minister in 2007. It even comes with the catchy, if a little tacky, slogan of "Kevin 07".

KEVIN07 T-shirt

At least he's not licensed to kill. But what worries me is the fact that the whole story isn't being told. Where is the rest of the slogan which relates to his deputy, Julia Gillard? I know what it is:

"Gillard. In a milliard!"

Perhaps I should tip off the current prime minister, John Howard. He's such a cool and happening dude he may use this information to flame the Labor Party.


Anonymous said...

Too cool. It is easier for us to catch you on YOu tube here in the US!! You do a great job. Kevin, Kevin Lucky 7 but, will his work and deeds get him to heaven?? Who knows you be the judge!! Have a nice day!! Annette They should impeach Bush everyone says here. He is keeping our troops in Iraq longer than past summer. I know 911 was a mess but, it was an inside job they say. Keep up the great work and you look marvelous!! me bye for now!!!

Anonymous said...

Kevin Rudd ain't smarmy. Peter Costello, now there's a smarmy, smirking dude. He has about as much charisma as a death adder.

Anonymous said...

Pretty funny!! ha ha ha Annette The truth sets people free.

Anonymous said...

You busy man you, no new post??? Bummer I will just have to look you up on You Tube. What a great voice!!! Good luck!! I don't want to piss off your wife ha ha HAve a nice weekend!! Annette