Thursday, September 20, 2007

Your Shout - Coz The Drinks Are On You

On Tuesday night we had a work dinner so that our project team could meet some of the people we are working for. I hadn't met any of our counterparts before but knew their names. The meal was at Queen's in Mt Lawley. Nice pub and great food and it was fairly busy, at least for a Tuesday night.

Our project secretary (PS) sat at the end of the table. About 20 minutes into the night a waitress came with a tray of large beers. She leaned over behind the PS who then started to talk. Now, our PS talks with her hands a lot. One of her hands hit the tray that the waitress was holding and three beers went down the back of a man seated behind her. He was not impressed but it was lucky that he was wearing a jacket. I don't think I saw one person from his group crack a smile all night. And his wife, I'm assuming it was his wife, was barking at the waitstaff about drycleaning etc. She was like a dog that has been on a chain for too long. For the safety of our PS, and that of others, we moved down the table a little to let her move away from the other group.

Lethal weapons should always be registered.

In the morning I prepared a registration form for a dangerous weapon - our PS's hands. I believe that she should have them registered as a dangerous weapon. At least she saw the funny side of it.


Anonymous said...

Free drinks on his back ha ha Poor jerk!! The bill for dry cleaning probably was high!!! Was the waitress drunk or just tired?? They could have been nicer because, it was an accident. That lady whining probably was a royal bitch!!! Oh well life goes on. I got in a food fight in a resteraunt when I was 18 and there were so many people involved it was fun!! ha ha Enjoy the rest of your week Mr.Celebrity!! Annette AT least you did'nt get the free beer shower ha ha

tmz_99 said...

I have one of those cards for my hypnotic stare....