Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tenth Anniversary

It's our tenth anniversary today. I think we've done rather well. From the moment I met my wife I knew she was the one. It must have had something to do with the fact that she spoke to me and didn't ignore me like all the other women.

We married after knowing each other for less than a year so to mark up 10 years we must have done something right. I don't know if the poor girl knew what she was getting into. She obviously saw some potential there and, to be truthful, has realised some of it. I never thought that we were rushing into anything but it all seemed to fall into place quite easily.

For a pleasant change we will meet in the city today to have lunch. Then it's a visit to the parole officer, er, the bank manager, to take take out that second mortgage so that I can pay for the ring we're going to pick up. I must say that the missus has deserved it. Ten years of putting up with me and she probably deserves a medal. I'm guessing that with murder and good behaviour she could be let out now so I'd better ask her if she's made the right choice.

Anyway, better go. Have to rewrite a Christmas card as an anniversary card because I haven't bought one and because I have a reputation to uphold.


Susan Ham said...

I dunno. With humour like that I am surprised she hasn't, 'done you in'!
Congrats and all that jazz. Dad and I seem to be setting a record in this family. See if you can beat us.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and may you have many more years together. You should never take eachother for granted!!! That is wonderful. You are an attractive,intelligent couple and your child is cute and smart too!! Annette Cheers!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot to tell you for laughs. Here in America we have Denny's resteraunts. One thing on the menu is called Moons over my Hammy ha ha I thought that was adorable since, Hammy is your nickname!!! It actually is very good with biscuits,ham,eggs and cheese yummy!! Have a good day!! Annette Be sure to eat a good Anniversary dinner!!!