Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Contrasting Bus Drivers

Yesterday arvo I had a meeting sprung on me that went way over time. I ended up working an hour later than planned. Luckily there was a stack of buses, about seven or so, heading to the bus stop and the last one in the queue was one that I wanted to catch. When I caught up to the bus he still hadn't reached the bus stop due to the number of buses in front. I gestured to the driver to let me on and he just pointed to the bus stop. Playing by the rules I guess so not much wrong with that.

This morning I was walking to the bus stop and gas-bagging to my mum. "Oh, bugger," I said as I'd noticed the bus coming to the traffic lights which are about 100m before the bus stop, "There goes my bus." I didn't even motion to the driver but continued talking until I noticed the driver had put the indicator on. There was no-one else at the bus stop so he was pulling in for me. So I did the right thing and ran after the bus and thanked him very much. I had resigned myself to waiting for the next bus but that would have been rude to convey to the driver. At least it gave me time to blog about it before starting work.

Talk about a contrast in bus drivers' attitudes.


Susan Ham said...

Some days are diamonds, some days are sand. Same with bus drivers it seems.

Anonymous said...

It all has to do with thier values and principals!! Some people enjoy causing trouble because, misary loves company. Maybe they are jealous of your good looks and good job. The good one desserved your thanks. Good people like that are hard to find!! Have a great week. I like what you have on You tube too!! Did you see"Don't worry be happy"?? That video on You tube is great!! Have a good week!! Annette That video brings me inspiration. No matter what life brings us we can take it!!!