Monday, October 01, 2007

Red Belt And The Bourne Ultimatum

The boy had a taekwondo grading yesterday. He was a bit nervous about it but did quite a bit of practice beforehand. Unfortunately he didn't do very well as he forgot one of his patterns, taegeuk 6, and struggled to do the spinning kicks. He did just enough to pass however and is now a red belt - 3rd geup.

After doing the housework and having an early tea we went to the cinema in the city to watch The Bourne Ultimatum. What a brilliant movie. The hand-to-hand combat, rooftop running and car chase were excellent. And the storyline was quite cleverly done too. We all thought it was a great movie. I was a bit wary of the 1.4 second average length of scene but it was done quite well. Check it out if you haven't already done so.


Anonymous said...

Great way to go. It is good you feel better today!! Don't let whoever did it get you down. They are beyond nuts and will get whatever they did done back to them. Have a good week. Annette

Anonymous said...

Newsflash - Death scene of Chris Mainwaring, death by mailbox.

Joe said...

That's great news! I'm sure he's very proud.

I've been meaning to see that movie, but I guess at this point I'll wait until it's out on DVD

Hammy said...

Thanks Joe. Now he just has to show that's he's a red belt.