Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Diary Of A Snail Killer

I mentioned on Monday that I'd killed 37 snails on my walk to the bus stop on the way to work. I'm afraid to report that, although overnight/morning rain had taken place the conditions for killing snails was not as conducive on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday's tally was 10 snails, two millipedes and two slugs. This morning I could only manage two snails.

I'm disappointed in my efforts but perhaps my eradication program is all too effective. The tally could have been increased but I didn't feel the need to stomp on snails that were already climbing walls, just the ones on or near the footpath got my attention.


Anonymous said...

Fooey no snail soup for you?? I thought your philosophy was to be a frugal tight bastard ha ha. You have me cracking up laughing daily. Thanks, Annette I have a snake problem so,things could be worse.

Chris Fryer said...

Why do you feel the need to kill snails? Don't they have a right to life just like you?

[Big foot comes through ceiling and squashes Hammy]

Anonymous said...

Gosh damn a snail right to life advocate?? What next civil rights for cock roaches??? A pension plan for vampire bats you tell me?? Just plain honest me

tmz_99 said...

you know.. when u get to the afterlife you'll be faced with a voltron-esque bug to beat before they let you in. :P