Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tomato Plant

The best plants in the garden are the ones that need no invitation. The wild ones. We use a bit of natural compost around the place so the occasional pumpkin or tomato plant pops up. If they start to grow I generally give them a fair chance at survival.

Next to our downpipe at the back of the house was a small clump of dirt which was placed there after Miky cleaned out the drain beneath the downpipe. The most surprising thing happened - a tomato plant started to grow. And there was bugger all dirt for it to grow in. Me being a bit of a heartless bastard thought that I would humour it by watering it regularly, never thinking that there would be enough nutrients for it to reach maturity. I did it to tease it more than anything else.

Well, grow it did. With the other five wild tomato plants around the garden this one fruited the earliest and we actually ate three tomatoes from it today. And guess what they tasted like? Yes, tomatoes.

Tomato plant.

Not a lot of dirt for this wild tomato to grow in. Or to put a stake in.

Some yummy wild tomatoes.

There's still about five unripe tomatoes hanging off this bush, whereas some of the other plants have 20 or more, so it will live for a bit longer. I'm rather fond of it because it has battled on manfully against the odds. Isn't mother nature wonderful? And it has taught me perhaps anything is possible if you put your mind to it and don't listen to the negative thoughts of others. Well, I didn't give it a chance, did I?


Susan Ham said...

You used to loathe tomatoes when you were a kid! What happened?

Anonymous said...

You inspired me to eat some with dinner tonight. Those look great. Annette yummy

Hammy said...

What happened? I got married and they got put in front of me. It was the same with mushrooms.

Anonymous said...

Yummy Veggie power. I love veggies so much. Be sure not to eat magic mushrooms or that will really drive you nuts. ha ha ha Annette