Friday, October 19, 2007

Linkin Park Rock

Forget your dopey old Iron Maiden shit. Linkin Park ROCK!! They had their first ever concert in Perth last night and I decided to go - if I could buy a ticket. I was half hoping that ticket sales were a bit slow and the ticket price was halved - like it was when I went to Avril Lavigne's concert. Linkin Park is no Avril Lavigne, let me make that clear. They f$%*ing rock. The ticket was still full price but it was worth the money, let me tell you.

Linkin Park Concert Ticket - Perth

Bit of a funny start. Got home from work and checked online if there were any tickets left. Yep but, like I said, full price. Rang Ticketek and was told the same story. I asked Miky if I could go and she said, "If you want to."
"Are you sure?" I asked.
"If you really want to." I was thinking that there had to be a catch. She generally wants something in return for me having a good time.

It was only after I purchased the ticket that she mentioned that it counted as my Christmas present. And my birthday present. Miky was cooking some veg and chick pea pancakes for tea so I grabbed the first few and headed off to the train station. Parked the car and as I reached the platform the train pulled in. Couple of blokes in the carriage with me were going to the concert also. We were a little surprised at the speed of the train before realising, too late, that we were on the express and it wasn't stopping at our stop. Jumped off at the next stop and changed trains. Luckily the first train, one that we waited only a minute for, was going to our intended destination.

Collected my tickets from the box office at the Burswood Dome. Found my entrance door and went to my seat. Checked out the merchandise and thought that $45 for a t-shirt was a bit much. They'd need to put on a good show to justify that sort of price.

The support act, Chris Cornell and band, appeared on stage bang on 7:30. He belted out some very recognisable tunes from his days in Soundgarden and Audioslave. The crowd quite enjoyed his performance but were eager for Linkin Park to arrive on stage. Bang on 8:30 he finished and I think the loud cheer that accompanied this moment was more to do with Linkin Park's impending arrival than anything else.

The stage was then covered in curtains and the set was changed behind. Thirty five minutes after Chris Cornell exited the stage then Linkin Park exploded on that stage. They started off with No More Sorrow with flashing lights and the curtain remained throughout the opening until the singing started. Phenomenal start and they just got better as the night went on. The new album songs were well received but the crowd went off when songs from Hybrid Theory and Meteora were belted out.

The crowd was quite amazing. They sang all the songs with gusto and at times could be heard very clearly. It was a fabulous atmosphere.

After an hour and ten minutes they left the stage. The lights stayed off. Almost nobody left. The crowd started chanting for them to come back. Five minutes later and their wish was granted. They came back for an encore of five songs. All up an hour an a half of one of the best rock bands in the world. But that's my humble opinion.

On the way out I visited the merchandise shop again, just to see if there were any specials, but not a lot was left. I decided to get a Fan Pack with a shirt and a few other things but they had sold out. Just before getting on the train there were some blokes selling shirts for $20. Obviously bootleg but at half the price I could buy one for the boy as well. He was a bit upset that I didn't take him but for over $100 for a ticket I couldn't justify it. Especially on a school night. I'll take him next time though. For sure. Mark my words.

Funnily enough I went to bed a few Minutes to Midnight. Bit of a late one but my work is flexible. Still managed to catch the usual bus though. My ears have been ringing all day and it has been difficult to hear what has been said on the phone at times.


Anonymous said...

Veg and chick pea pancakes! What the !!

Anonymous said...

Too cool!!! The kids love Hannah Montana here in the US. She is Billy Ray Cyrus's daughter. Have a wonderful weekend. Annette

Guol said...

Went to Linkin Park in Sydney and they put on a fantastic show.
Glad you had a great time.
they've been my favourite band for a couple of years now :)