Friday, October 26, 2007

Is The West Australian Becoming A More Comprehensive Newspaper?

I have a nickname for the West Australian newspaper. I call it the Worst Australian as there isn't a great deal of depth in much that is reported. Now, The Times, on the other hand, is a fabulously prepared piece of literature.

It was recently reported that Ben Cousins was arrested for possession of prohibited drugs. I was starting to think that you would find more substance in Ben Cousins' car than the West Australian. There was also something mentioned about a scantily clad blonde accompanying him who was found to have traces of cocaine on a $20 note. But the police dropped the charge against Cousins.

Maybe, through no fault of its own, you can now find more substance in the West Australian than in Ben Cousins' car. It doesn't mean that the paper has improved however.

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Anonymous said...

I geuss they can get away with more now adays. Hell our president was a cocaine addict here in the US. I am sure he has had his share of bleach blonde skanks ha ha Annett