Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Caught In The Act

No, not that sort of act. We have an electric toothbrush. It runs for two minutes then buzzes by turning off, on, off, on, off, on, off and then on again. The young bloke brushes his teeth by himself but doesn't do a particularly good job usually. He's a bit lazy to do it properly. Also, I suspected that he wasn't brushing for the full two minutes but it still did the buzzing to indicate so.

So, the other day I peered through the open bathroom door and saw what he was doing. To my astonishment he turned it off, on, off, on, off, on, and off so that it mimicked the buzzing perfectly. If you didn't see it you couldn't tell the difference. Sly little bugger. Did I tell him off. He protested that, "I've only just known how to do it."
"Bullshit son. You've been doing that for at least a few weeks."

It cost him some of his computer game time. Maybe I shouldn't have told him that when I was a boy if I didn't want to brush my teeth I'd just go to the bathroom and spend enough time as though I had brushed my teeth. We didn't have an electric toothbrush so no-one could tell. Perhaps he's just a chip off the old block.


Susan Ham said...

Lots of chips off blocks in this family, it would seem! How trusting was I?

Anonymous said...

Children will try to use thier smarts to get away with anything. Maybe you should take him to a web sight to show him dental diseases, and mouth cancer he could get if he does'nt brush plus care for himself properly. He could also get meningitis and mental illness if he does not do it. If you scare the truth into him that should help. It is very important. I agree with you. You may want to get him on a dental rinse after he brushes to save his teeth and clean the areas he may not have done as well. This will save high dental bills. Here in the US we have ACT you can find at any discount store. Good luck!! Annette