Saturday, October 13, 2007

Subway - Eat Fresh

Hang your head in shame, collectively that is, Subway. I visited the Subiaco store today after working longer than usual and had to do the fruit and vege shopping before coming home. While I was waiting to order I noticed a lot of midges hanging around the bread. You know, the insects that appear out of nowhere when you leave food scraps around for a couple of days. This was rather shocking.

I asked the girl serving me, "Did you see the insects on the bread?"
She replied, "I'm not so sure about that. They just fly away."

Dumbfounded is a good way of describing how I felt. With a good mind to just walk out of the store whilst my sandwich was being made I decided that as mine was going to be toasted that would get rid of the blighters anyway.

The fact that the shop assistant, or sandwich expert if you wish to call them that, couldn't have cared less made me feel incredulous. I'd loved to have been a health inspector right then and there. Did I mention previously that every time I went to Subway they had new people. Obviously we are down to the dregs of the workforce, the people that just couldn't give a bugger.

Subway. Eat Fresh? Eat elsewhere, I think, if you want fresh.


Anonymous said...

It is supposed to be Snail way eat smashed ha ha ha Just kidding. Did you know in the US there are so many bugs they have to allow a certain percentage to our food supply??? Gross I know. Some people here eat bugs chocolate covered and ect.. Beyond gross. Now come on Hammy you could start your own business ha ha SnailWay so, fresh Hammy smashed em' himself yummy ha ha ha not. Have a good weekend anyway!!! Annette

Anonymous said...

Oh and on the job subject alot of the workers don't care. They are getting 10 cents an hour, thier life sucks and they have no future. One man pooped in a bowl of beans at a Taco Bell resteraunt in the US. This is too scarey for me. Annette See things could be much worse.

Anonymous said...

Did you know Hammy is also the name of a squirel in the movie "Over the Hedge". You may want to see it with your boy it is adorable. Have a great week. WE love your blog!!! Annette

Anonymous said...

Hey i know thats sounds very disgusting indeed but they should have had all their bread in a bread cabinet sealed closed like a fridge...but just think in the sandwich artists shoes...was it busy? did they have alot of bread? old did she look you couldnt blame her if she was 14 - 16 because she wouldnt know wat to do about it at the time especially if it were busy just telling ppl ur going to have to leave there is no bread left cause insects got on them of course thats probaly wat should be done but i mean it just sounds like your one of those really rude customers talking about someone whos doing something for you and a hundred of other ppl ...have u ever worked in retail? there is always this thing when your busy all u can do is serve untill it dies down again ..anyway wat im trying to say here is give her a break she probably had a long day wouldnt wanna put up with ur shit and just wants to do her job as could as it could be done...even if the food had insects flying around it its not her fault so dont go angry at her talk to a manager ...and dont automatically presume that all subways are crappy and stale ...i worked for them once not long ago...and i tell you at my store bread baked fresh every morning as well as all the meats and veges ..dnt 4get cookies...i now work at a Target store i just wanted a change in jobs at different retail areas..but yea keep things like that away from the person serving u and bring it to a manager..

Hammy said...

Well, you obviously have no thoughts for the rights of the consumer. I should not be expected to pay for an insect-infested sub when I'm supposed to receive a fresh sub. People should take pride in their work and management has a lot to answer for in this case. As it was I didn't complain to the manager but the Health Department should really have been notified.

Hammy said...

Actually the shop wasn't nearly as busy as it could have been. And that's no excuse for a lack of hygienic practices.