Saturday, October 13, 2007

Telemarketer Call - Most Amusing Ever

At least half of the phone calls that we receive on our land line are from telemarketers. This afternoon the phone rang and the boy answered it. After he had said "Hello" about four times I grabbed the phone and said "Hello". There was no answer although I could hear a slight echo so it sounded like an international or perhaps Internet call.

So, like any sane individual, I burped. The person on the other end of the phone, who up until this time had said nothing, burped. I burped again. He burped again. I burped quite loudly. He burped quite loudly. I belched extremely loudly (it's one of my talents) and he was no match. This continued for a good half minute. I wanted to know who it was and asked so. The response I got was, "Hello, Mr Mark?" So I hung up.

The phone rang almost straight away. The boy answered it and the guy, Rocky from Dodo, wanted to talk to Mr Mark. I told the boy to tell him that I wasn't here. Before Yu-Jin hung up Rocky said, "Your dad does very good burps."

Even Miky was laughing quite hard whilst all this was going on. I'm sick of telemarketers and thought it was a better way to attack them rather than whistling or screaming. I haven't laughed so much in ages. And to think that my first thought was Yu-Jin's friend had called because he was coming over to stay the night a little bit later.

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