Thursday, October 04, 2007

I Hate Yappy Dogs

Yappy dogs annoy me. And so do their owners. How on earth do you put up with a dog that barks it's head off when someone comes anywhere near it? The slightest thing will set it off. There is one particular dog that I pass on my way to work. Until it became light at that time of the morning the dog didn't get excited by my presence. Now is a different story. I've got a good mind to walk past the house a few times as soon as it is light so that he annoys the heck out of his owners. And I have heard them yell at him to be quiet. I am a bit of a vindictive sod at times.

The dog in question is some sort of poodle. I especially hate poodles. Women thinking that they are smarter than you is bad enough, along with cats having the same idea, but a small curly-haired dog? C'mon, really?

On another note we were searching online for a dog if one was available from a dog pound and stumbled across a beagle X. Gave the lady a call after discovering that she still had him and talked about it. She'll send some photos and we'll decide if it's worth having a look. The dog appears to be a mixture of beagle and german shepherd. Miky only wants a purebred. Let me know if you hear of a any (local) beagles.


Anonymous said...

Here in America we have what are called rednecks. Well these rednecks abuse thier dogs, don't feed them and use them to harass people. They think they will get thier way if they keep you up allnight with thier barking dogs. Redneck dog owners suck!! It may sound mean but, thier dogs break fences and bite people ect.. These red necks need a good ass kicking ha ha I agree with you on annoying dogs. The smaller the nastier!!!

Susan Ham said...

It has been said that the only difference, apart from the obvious, between a human and a poodle, is the poodle can't talk. They are reputed to be one of the most intelligent dogs. As for cats, haven't you heard, dogs have masters, cats have staff.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Women who think they're smarter than you? Is that such an impossibility that a woman is smarter than you?

Hammy said...

I did say "think" not "know". Nothing's impossible.