Saturday, October 13, 2007

Carlton Football Club Theme Song - Revamped by Frugal Bastard

We are the chequebook Blues
Next year we'll win more games than two
We're the team that won the wooden spoon
Buying our way back is all Carlton knows
We buy the champions for seven million
We'll take Chris Judd please

And West Coast will get bugger all
From the hard dealing chequebook Blues


Carlton Football Club has a history of buying champions and buying premierships. And they've done it again with a "trade" which netted them Chris Judd, a former Brownlow medallist. You have to bear in mind that the AFL clubs have a salary cap of $A7 million/season to cover 38 players and Judd will be taking home 20% of that himself in 2008 at Carlton.


The Original Carlton Football Club Theme Song

We are the Navy Blues,
We are the old dark Navy Blues,
We’re the team that never lets you down,
We’re the only team old Carlton knows,
With all the champions they like to send us,
We’ll keep our end up.

And they will know that they’ve been playing
Against the famous old dark Blues

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