Monday, October 15, 2007

What Use Are Flying Ants?

You may have asked yourself the question, "What good are flying ants?" I've pondered that from time to time. Well, they are great for keeping juniors entertained. Give the a jar and a water pistol and they'll shoot them down and collect them. The boy had his best friend stay over on Saturday night seeing as the holidays were ending. Miky went out for a birthday party that night, but not before making yummy hamburgers, so we had a nice tea together. The boys actually wanted to have a bath together and that kept them busy for at least half an hour.

That night the boys went to bed late and by about 5:30 they were up and playing Monopoly. Strange thing to do for that time of the morning.

Next day we went to Emma's Seafood Restaurant. It's a Chinese place in Vic Park and they serve quite nice dim sum. Every two minutes a trolley goes past and they offer more food. We had fried squid, dumplings, sardines, scallops and a few other food items that I probably don't want to know the name of. But it was quite tasty food. Only problem was you had no idea how much each item cost. Great lunch though and I'd definitely go back.

After lunch the boy and I went to the pool and had a good time. We met up with some people from taekwondo and Yu-Jin mucked around with the kids for a good 45 minutes. Nice way to spend the afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Good you are having fun. Flying ants were the first fast food for the Caveman ha ha They flew in thier mouths for a quick fast snack.Yummy you need to try them chocolate covered Hammy ha ha ha Have a good week!! Annette Those Wombats are too cool there!!

Hammy said...

My sister got knocked over by a wombat once. She'll hate me for saying that.

Anonymous said...

Too cool. I got to see a video of a 6 year old getting jumped on by a kangaroo. Those are cool too. Annette Sorry about your Sis.