Friday, October 05, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance

We watch the show So You Think You Can Dance - don't click the link if you don't wish to know this season's winner. It's quite entertaining and there are so excellent dancers in this third series.

I quite like the different styles of dance like hip-hop, Bboyin (doesn't anybody breakdance any more?), krumping, and even sometimes, though very rarely, contemporary.

What the show doesn't require is:
Schuhplattler (in lederhosen)
Line dancing
Boot scooting
Barn dancing

If I were to suggest some challenging new styles they would be:
Pole dancing
Ryouko - a mixture of dance and martial arts. These guys are brilliant.

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Anonymous said...

You brought back memories and have me laughing plus falling on the floor. When I almost hit the drinking age that song "Boot scoot boogie" By Brooks and Dunn came out. You may want to see it for laughs on You tube ha ha There are good redneck jokes there too!! Have a great rest of the week. Annette