Sunday, October 28, 2007

Gardening To Finish Off The Weekend

I didn't work this Saturday. Instead, I took the boy to his music classes and we did the fruit and veg shopping together. Then we met Miky at Myer before going home for lunch. Off to taekwondo before meeting Miky again to choose some DVDs to watch. We chose Unknown for us and Ice Age 2 for the boy. Not a bad movie and we didn't know anything about it except for the three lines on the back of the DVD packet. Nice way to watch a movie, sometimes. No expectation 'n all. Not a bad movie either. I noticed the lead actor's name, Jim Caviezel, but I couldn't tell you which other movies he's starred in. After the movie had finished we turned over to the TV and Terminator 2 was on. I don't know why but we found ourselves watching it until the early hours. I love the movie though. Any movie with Arnie in it is a good reason to watch.

This morning saw the start of daylight savings. So, after a late night it is easy to imagine that we were slow to get started. Following breakfast and a quick read of the paper Yu-Jin and I went to the driving range at Whaleback Golf Club. He wanted to go to the second storey and, as I had done so before, we did. Very different feeling to be teeing off about 4-5 metres above the ground. I gave the boy a few balls to hit. After that we tried out the putting green and he's quite competitive there followed by the bunker. There is a pitching green and that's probably Yu-Jin's strength. He did quite well on occasion.

Back home I put together some lunch and a water play set. He had the most fun by filling up the lock and then removing the sluice gate to act like a tsunami.

Similar to our play set but we have a crane as well.

Then we went to Bunnings to buy some hedges. A couple of weeks ago we turned the soil out the front and emptied our compost bin contents into it. It was time to plant something and we agreed on a particular hedge that will grow up to three metres tall. My job was to plant it after mixing more compost into the soil. Don't think I've done too bad a job, do you?

Hedge row pre-planting.

Hedge row post-planting.


Anonymous said...

Good job, cool movies and all. My computer blew up so, I was gone a few days. We all missed your cool blog. Have a great week. Annette

Tanzeela said...

I am all green with envy!!!!