Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What Did Harry Kewell Say To The Ref?

I am really curious as to what Australia's Harry Kewell said to Markus Merk, the German referee, immediately following the final whistle in Australia's match against Brazil. Harry berated the ref after Australia had received only nine free kicks to Brazil's twenty five. I'm sure that the rest of Australia was holding its breath as well, disbelieving in Harry's lack of respect and fearful of FIFA's retribution.

Apparently Merk told Harry that, "You won't be playing in the next match." Harry was reported and FIFA dealt with it. FIFA's finding was that Harry was cleared because of "inconsistent report from the referee." So, the ref couldn't tell the same story twice.

Come on Harry, did you call him a f***wit or just a dickhead? Australia needs to know.

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