Thursday, July 13, 2006

Frugal Bastard Presents - Yu-Jin's Taekwondo Grading - Free sparring and contro

Frugal Bastard Presents - Yu-Jin's 7th Gup taekwondo grading - free sparring and control.


James said...

He's doing well, Hammy. But you will have to teach him to keep his hands up.

David said...

He already looks better than me ;)

Hammy said...

Yo James. I'll pass on the kind words. You are correct, and it is something that his instructor has mentioned, his defence is lacking. I've told him myself but maybe this video will point it out to him. He does a bit better in class and was a liitle bit lost during the grading. Still keeping up with the karate or just smashing things?

David - I'm sure you're just being modest.