Monday, July 10, 2006

The Weekend In Brief

Myer was having a once in a lifetime sale as the company had recently changed hands. Lots of things on sale. Lots of money spent. Couldn't pass up the opportunity. The city store had lots more to offer than the suburban stores.

I cut my finger on a door over the weekend. Don't I feel silly? The sliding door at the back wouldn't open and so I went to close it slighty to free it up and then change direction. Stupid bugger - I left my finger in the way. Split it open. Only a drop of blood - nothing too serious.

Miky, one of those people who's never happy with her haircuts, asked me to cut her hair. Zounds, that had me worried. Just a fringe trim and about an inch and a half off the back. And, she's happy with it.

At 3:30 Saturday morning I had to ring next door as the boy was singing some sort of death metal song as loudly as he could. Thankfully he must have had headphones on and we didn't have to put up with the accompanying "music". Not that he answered the phone but he stopped singing as soon as I had hung up.

Yu-Jin passed his taekwondo grading and is now a 7th Gup - Yellow Belt with three stripes. He was very enthusiastic although was a bit rusty on two aspects that he was judged on and subsequently looked a bit lost. The head instructor, also Australia's Taekwondo Head Coach at the Sydney Olympics, spoke to him about calling out, "Yes Sir" to his wife when she called Yu-Jin's name. It was nice to introduce a bit of humour into a demanding situation. The fact that Yu-Jin's never had a female instructor led to him just saying what he always said.

As a reward I took Yu-Jin to the driving range. A reward for whom I hear you ask? Hey, the boy enjoys it as well as I do.


Hammysmum said...

Well done you. You have hidden talents, and she hasn't threatened divorce!Bad luck about your finger. I hope it heals quickly. Must be a bugger using the keyboard. Very well done, Yu-Jin. Congratulations! Who bought Myer?

tmz_99 said...

was it cheaper then their boxing day sales?? I held back from even going just for that reason..

Hammy said...

There were some reasonable deals there Tom. Not that I needed a 27" Sansui LCD for $997. We picked up a lot of stuff for the boy - kids' books were on the cheap if they were included in the toy sale. Some reasonable bargains to be had with crockery, not that you're probably interested.

Hammy said...

In answer to your question I don't know if they were cheaper as I let the missus do the Boxing Day Sales bizzo.

Hammy said...

In answer to your question I don't know if they were cheaper as I let the missus do the Boxing Day Sales bizzo.