Tuesday, July 04, 2006

In Men-Showing-Their-Heads-Up-Oneanother's-Arses News...

You guessed it. A post about rugby. I'm not a rugby fan. But, if Australia is playing I will leave the telly on. Strange behaviour I know. I guess the top level of the game is more exciting than the lower leagues. It might be just because the names are more familiar. I've never lived in a rugby stronghold and so have never known the desire to become a fan of the sport.

What is happening in rugby union? Have the rest of the world's teams gone soft or something? For the best part of the last 12 months Australia's Wallabies have been practically namby-pamby and beatable by anyone. In the last month or so they have dealt hidings to a Johnny Wilkinson-less England and even thrashed the Irish. The match against Ireland was here in Perth but I believe it was a sell-out. I was contemplating attending, actually. Perhaps my loyal reader, NYM, likes the Aussies as there is one player who goes by the name of Toutai - if you say it fast enough it sounds like "Tottie" and she likes a good tottie.

Rugby league news. Dunno. Did the Kangaroos beat the Kiwis? That's all that matters. Here's a decent site providing the Test results. Yes, we did beat the Kiwis. I can rest easy now.

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