Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday Lunchtime Stroll Around Jolimont

Have camera. Will take silly photos.

Apparently it is quite difficult to find a painter these days.

Or a gardener, for that matter.

Quite unimaginative garden decoration. These landscape gardeners must be difficult to get hold of too.

Watch out for the attack cat. On sale now at Myer.

Whomever learnt to plant trees for the Government to collect their dole payment needs a TAFE refresher course.

The Banana Splits are not dead. It looks like Drooper lives on.

Council workers who have run out of shovels to lean on.

Council workers appearing to be moving and caught on film. A rare beast to be noticed moving at any great speed in their natural environment.

A rather odd looking construction made with rammed earth. I will have to check this out once it is finished. Looks rather like a monstrosity at the moment.

Un-named victim of increase in the price of petrol. Too ashamed to mention his name.

1 comment:

Hammysmum said...

Pic 1. Maybe they like the rustic look, or , they are broke,or they have no taste, or they are blind.Maybe all of the above.