Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Some Pics

Went for a wander at lunchtime yesterday. Noticed a couple of unusual items.

What's the story behind this discarded condom?

There must be a story behind this discarded condom. How did it come to be in the middle of a road and not particularly in a residential area? Why is it so weathered? Did the user have a good time or was the blow-out a bit disconcerting for all involved?

How not to park a 4WD.

How not to park a 4WD. Yet more evidence that people who drive 4WDs got their licence from the back of a Weetbix packet.

Thinking outside the square.

Thinking outside the square 2.

The young fella showing that he thinks outside of the box sometimes. Can't say I ever built something like this with blocks.

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