Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I Love To See People Speeding And Get Caught

Few days ago now Miky rang me while I was at work. She had just passed a speed camera and it flashed and she was adamant that her speed was under 60. There was a 4WD next to her which may have been going faster so she probably doesn't have too much to worry about.

I fully expected to see the speed camera on my way home. The guy that turned off the freeway in his brand new blue Holden Commodore in front of me didn't even bother to indicate. And he was doing at least 80 km/h in the 60 zone. "Keep going idiot" I thought. As I was exiting the freeway some other idiot was sitting right up my arse and I moved over as quickly as legal and waved him past.

Let's just say that it brought a huge smile to my face to just see a large flash from the speed camera in the distance from the first bloke. I broke out into laughter to see the second guy cop a flash as well. What sort of nincompoop sees a speed camera flash and continues to speed? I would so loved to have pulled up next to him at the traffic lights, given him the finger and said "Sucked in idiot" but he proceeded to turn right through a red light. Obviously quite embarrassed about the situation and needed to leave the scene post haste. Exit stage right.

It was a jolly start to the weekend.


ben said...

The other day, I drove pass a speed camera and it didn't flash. If every body was like you and me, the speed camera division will go broke and they would have to make the operator redundant and sell the camera.

Hammy said...

If more people were like me it would be a horrible place. Yuck, yuck. There'd be no need for the speed cameras in the first place. More of society's ills could be addressed.

You have driven past a speed camera before and had it flash at you, true?

ben said...

I've never been flashed by a speed camera, it was a hand held.

It was about 7:30 behind the school, about 100m from where I live, at a time when no child would go to school.

I did not realise what the times was. I was over 9km/hr over the limit, 1 demerit point, and $100. 5min earlier, I would have gotten nothing.

Hammy said...

My mistake.