Wednesday, July 26, 2006

There Is A Cure For Road Rage

I got talking to Paul, one of the taekwondo parents, last night and the conversation drifted into rage rage. Perhaps it came about when I mentioned, "I'm a firm believer in road rage but the person that needs to get bashed is not usually the person who does."

Paul told me that he has a friend that used to partake in road rage. If another driver did something that he didn't like he would chase them down, drag them out of their vehicle and hit them. Then he discovered a cure for his road rage. One day he picked on a young bloke who got out of his car with an iron bar and broke his arm. Ever since then Paul's friend has not lost his temper whilst driving his car.

It can be cured people. So, carry an iron bar to cure drivers affected by road rage. Sold at all good hardware stores.

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tmz_99 said...

hmmm, not sure if it's all that legal... and you can't explain it away, a good mag-lite does the trick!!